1. Are your gutters “seamless”?

    Gutters are considered “seamless” when they are installed in a continuous manner fromcorner to corner. Seams should only occur at the corners.

  2. What type of seams does your company use on corners?

    There are three types of corner seams commonly used. The corner with the least amount of seams has the least chance of a leak developing. Different corner styles have more seams than others.
    Box Miter: A preformed corner that actually has 3-seams per corner. Mainly used because they are inexpensive and don’t require skilled labor to install.
    Strip Miter: A seam formed in the corner and held together by a separate thinner strip of aluminum material. Also less expensive to produce, it actually creates 2-seams percorner with the “strip” requiring paint due to discoloration over time.
    Custom Hand Mitered: Crafted by a skilled gutter installer, this seam has only one seam per corner. It fits tighter, stronger and longer. Audubon uses only custom hand mitered corners when installing gutters.

  3. How do you fasten the gutters to the home? Nails or screws?
    Nails (or spikes): Generally an older style method, the nail goes through the outside of the gutter, and passes through the inside and attaches (hopefully) into the fascia board and rafter. Nails tend to pull out over time due to weight of water in the gutter causing sagging and detachment from the home.
    Screws: A more reliable method because screws don’t pull out over time and don’t corrode. Installers use 2 3⁄4” screws to attach the gutter to the home through the fasciaboard and into the rafter. Be sure the screws are “long-form” screws, over 2 1⁄2”, some companies will use a shorter screw (3/4” or 1”) which saves time on labor and cordless drill batteries, but doesn’t hold to anything other than the fascia, which wasn’t meant to fully support a gutter. Audubon only uses long-form screws during installation.

  1. Should I choose aluminum over galvanized gutters?
    Galvanized: The standard until the 1980s, malleable and easy for a sheet metal worker to install, but prone to corrosion and decay.
    Aluminum: The present industry standard. Strong, durable, doesn’t corrode and iseasily formed (rolled) by a gutter machine on the job site.

  2. What types of styles are available?

    There are a wide variety of styles and colors available.
    Style types:
    Seamless Aluminum Gutter System: One-Piece

    Seamless Half-Round 6” Aluminum or Copper Gutters
    Seamless New Orleans Traditional Box Gutter Aluminum or Copper

    Seamless 5” & 6” Standard Aluminum and Copper Gutters

  3. Are your installer’s Subs? Or Fulltime employees of your company?  Subs: 9 out of 10 gutter installation companies use subcontractors, which basically means they hire someone else to do the job they sold you. Using subcontractors on a job can cause problems for the homeowner because the homeowner is put in between the relationship of the gutter company and their Sub. If there is a problem or complication the homeowner has to work with two companies to hopefully have the job completed and to their satisfaction.                                                                                 Fulltime Employees: It is best to have your job done by a company who uses their own fulltime employees, that way there is no confusion or complication as to who is ultimately responsible for your job. Fulltime gutter installers are committed to one line of work and considered more to be craftsmen than laborers. Audubon only uses their own fulltime employees on the jobs.

  4. Are the installers Drug-Tested?The jobsite is your property, your home. Always deal with the highest quality installers you can find. Drug testing helps eliminate undesirable workers from being near your property or family. Drug testing also increases safety on the job site by decreasing injuries. Audubon has a random drug testing policy

    1. Will I be able to identify all your workers?

      Again, The jobsite is your property, your home. Make sure that you will always be ableto identify the company’s workers by sight (so you don’t have to ask them who they are and should they be here). The various types of “Gutter Hero” apparel can easilyidentify all Gutter Hero employees.

    2. Does your company have a job expeditor?

      An Expeditor works for the installation company. The Expeditor’s job is to evaluate thejob before work begins. The Expeditor rechecks the Sales Estimators calculations and makes sure there were no unforeseen complications that could occur after the job begins. Having an Expeditor eliminates many problems that can crop up during installation.

    3. How many days will the job take?

      Barring weather or unforeseen complications, all jobs should take only two days.                                                                                 The first day: removal of the existing gutter (including haul away) and preparation for the new.                                                            The second day: the entire installation should be completed. Our goal is to always have the job complete as soon as possible, so you the homeowner, can have your household back to normal. Large jobs may vary in time.

    4. What about clean-up of the job site?

      After the work is complete, except for the appearance of the new gutters, the worksite should look the same as it did before the work began. We are passionate about clean-up, you will notice that they keep their truck extremely clean, which is how your job site will look afterwards

    5. If I buy the Leafguard product, will I ever have to clean out my gutters again? NO. Even if for some bizarre reason the gutters are clogged, Gutter Hero will come out and clean them at a reduced price.

    6. Can you repair prior damage to the home?Sometimes after removal of existing gutters wood damage is found in areas that couldn’t be seen before. A reputable gutter company will have a carpenter on staff to repair the area. Fees for repairs are typically charged by the foot.

      1. What type of Satisfaction Guarantee does your company have?

        A satisfaction guarantee means exactly that; the job is not complete until the homeowner is satisfied with the work performed.